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Multi-purpose Bench Vice and clamping tool

Bench vise used as a flooring dog for laying toungue and groove floor boards

The OZ-VICE by Bench Pro  is considered by many, to be the worlds most versatile bench vice on the market today. Its many uses mean it is used by professionals and amateurs alike. With over 75000 units sold since 1991, its safe to say the numbers speak for themselves. Bench-Pro is a long established Australian company with a proud reputation for excellent customer service and support [see the customer reviews area for written and video reviews].

Sharpening a chainsaw chain using the bench pro 2000 to hold the saw

OZ-Vice jaws are double headed and reversible, allowing for simple and complex shapes to be firmly clamped or pushed together as required. An excellent woodworking tool, it's double vice jaws allow such joinery work as Butt joints, "T" joints and Mitre joints to be done precisely and th Oz-Vice can easily be used like a    standard bench vice, a Flush mounted vice, an Offset vice, a lightweight jacking tool or a free-standing floor vice. The unit is designed to be rapidly reconfigured in seconds without the need of additional spanners or equipment.

In the pushing position this tool will hold large sheets of material like ply sheeting and craft-wood and can also operate as a flooring clamp (flooring dog) for use with tongue & groove flooring materials. When used as a panel clamp, the only size limits are those of your workbench thanks to the moveable end-stop that comes with the kit.

With the pipe vice jaw covers you can firmly hold pipe, tubing, dowelling, chair and table legs without damaging the material. The OZ-Vice also comes with soft and hard jaw covers to suit the materials you are working with.

As the tool can be attached quickly to most surfaces it is easy to use inside and out. It can work as a sash clamp, a lightweight jacking device, a flooring dog, pipe clamp, "G" clamp and much more.
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Bench Pro 2000 Bench Vice joining a mitred corner. Multi-purpose woodworking tool for clamping